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Geocaching with a Garmin GPS – a treasure hunting adventure

What is Geocachings?  Above you see a Geocache.  It’s an ammo box filled with trade items and log book.  There are over 1,200,000 caches hidden around the world.  Using a GPS and the coordinates from one of the many websites dedicated to geocaching a geocacher locates the box – signs the log and may trade for one of the other items in the cache.

Notice the silver dogtag looking item, its called a travelbug, and the coin with an alligator on it is a geocoin.  They are global travelers, geocachers assign a mission to them and they move from cache to cache, with the help of fellow geocachers who pick them up and drop them off at other caches.  These items are logged into websites as they travel using a unique registration number.  This allows the owner to watch their journey.

The white and blue disk is a Geotoken, it is not trackable, but a signature item that geocachers leave behind in each cache. This is a custom token from www.GeoRace.net

Above common Geocaching containers.

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Geocaching with a Garmin GPS – a treasure hunting adventure