TeamBuilding Programs

Custom Designed Team Building Events.

Need a way to get your organization working together?     We can custom design a day of team building for your organization.

Using Geocaching and GPS technology we will develop a challenging, problem solving event that will motivate and enlighten your employees.

Team building events improve:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Trust
  • Creativity
  • Innovation

In our events the group is divided into small teams, roles are defined, objectives are clarified.  Each team is provided with step by step insrtructions on using the GPS.  Each team creates a team name
then the teams are given their first set of clues. Each team also gets a “clue kit”. These kits contain the essential ingredients needed by the team to break codes, figure out the clues and attain solutions. The clues challenge teams to employ a wide variety of problem solving skills: code-breaking, foreign languages, riddles, mathematics, innovation and good old-fashioned detective work.

As each team finds a “Cache” they will discover new clues, leading them to the next destination. As the hunt continues it becomes significantly more difficult. This part of the hunt can include tailored clues, specific to your company. Teams that work together increase everyone’s score and place the organization in a much better position to win the entire event.

Our team building programs use business skills such as problem-solving, creativity, time management, prioritization and decision-making.

Our programs can last from 4 hours to multiday events. Every client that we deal with is unique, so rather than adjusting your agenda to fit into our activity, we customize our activity to fit into your agenda.

Every participant in the program will receive a copy of “Geocaching with a Garmin GPS“.

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